Students Stomachs Grumble as Debates Rumble

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Deerfield Beach High School with the help of fellow Debate and English teacher Ms. Cuevas hosted a Pizza Party for students taking the class. The event took place in the media center Friday, May 13th. While devouring their pizza students took turns debating against each other defending the topic given to them using strategies they’ve learned while taking the class.

Debate is an art that analyzes two contradicting points and deliberating which one made the best point through analyzing and practicing rhetorical methods such as emotional appeal, logic, and factual evidence. Taking Debate can be an extremely beneficial to a student as it reduces stage fright and increases writing ability.

Debate develops skills and knowledge that will help the debater become an elite and college-ready student, and will also help them to develop a civic and political identity. Students will develop a sense of ownership of the world and a sense of empowerment, as they will know specific global and domestic issues, and the ways in which the government can solve our generation’s problems.

For students interested in taking debate next year contact guidance at 754.322.0667.