Faith + Sports = FCA

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Deerfield Beach High School offers many clubs and program to meet student’s need. One of which is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or the FCA. Want a club that unites sports and faith? Then the FCA is the perfect pick. The FCA is a worldwide Christian sports ministry that wants to impact the world with the help of their peers.

FCA was founded back in 1954 by Eastern Oklahoma A&M basketball coach Don McClanen. After more than 60 years of operation FCA has expanded reaching more than 2 million people per year in professional, college, high school, junior high and youth sports levels. Many professional athletes are members of the non profit organization including players like Tim Tebow and Stephen Curry.

Students looking to join the club are not required to be apart of the Christian Religion; walk-ins from any religion are welcome. Many school FCA chapters offer college scholarships opportunities for which their members can apply. These scholarships can award a student with much as $30,000.

The club meets afterschool on Wednesdays with Ms. Augstin.

For more information contact Ms. Augstin, the advisor, in room 502.