Time to Exempt

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Its that time of the year where seniors take finals exams earlier than the rest of the students. On Monday, May 9th seniors received their exemptions forms from their 1st period. With just only a few more days of school left, seniors were required to turn in the forms by Thursday, May 12th.

The only time seniors can turn in these forms are before, after school, or during lunch. The rules for the final exams do not change, as students can only exempt up to 3 exams per semester. With just 6 full days left of school, senior exams are scheduled to begin on Monday, May 23rd –Thursday, May 26th.

The senior final exam schedule will be as follows:

Monday: Seniors must attend periods 1-6 and then report to 7th period for their exam.

Tuesday: Seniors will go to periods 1-4 and then will report to their 5th and 6th period exam.

Wednesday: Seniors report to periods 1-2 and exams assigned for that day will be 3rd and 4th period. The last exam day will be 1st and 2nd period however, if exempted seniors do not have to go to school.

Once finished with their exam they must leave campus immediately. If exempted, seniors are allowed to leave right when the bell rings.