Scrimmage with Red & Gold

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With Deerfield Beach High School students counting down the days before they can depart for summer break, the DBHS Mighty Bucks are preparing for another big event. The Football team has readied themselves for their annual Red & Gold Spring Game. The event will take place Friday, May 13th, and is an intramural exhibition game, which is meant to promote the team and give the team’s new lineup a chance at the public game action. It is a public event and will be free to the public.

The scrimmage is a match between teammates to prepare for the upcoming season and to gauge how well they play together. The game is just a preseason practice used to showcase the player’s skills, all the while in a non- hostile calm environment. The idea is just a friendly match so no players will be harmed or injured during the game. This game does not affect or does not get marked down on the team’s regular season record.

DBHS Red & Gold game will take place at Westside Park in Deerfield Beach at 7:00pm. For more information on the team’s schedule, follow the link here to the football page.