Big Gains, Big Company

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            Deerfield Beach High School’s Athletic Department gained a major sponsor in May to help the athletes be the best in Broward County School District. Gatorade decided to dedicate some of their time and resources to help the Bucks through sponsorship, and in honor of them, Deerfield held Athletic G Week from Tuesday, May 10th to Thursday, May 12th.

The events were held after school at 2:45 pm in the DBHS Gymnasium. Each day, Gatorade sponsors gave out something different in prizes to Deerfield Beach High athletes. One day they gave out training tips, one day it was nutrition tips, and the other they handed out free Gatorade supplies. If there are any more questions about G week and the Gatorade Sponsorship, students can speck to Athletic Director Mr. Philpart, who can be seen in the Athletic Office in the main hallway during school hours.