Awarding Young Bucks

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Calling all underclassman, the 4th annual award ceremony is here. Being held in the auditorium on Thursday, May 12th, underclassmen are having an award ceremony showcasing all the advances they’ve made in the past 3 quarters. The categories for awards are academic achievement, most improved, and activities and service.

Academic achievement shows the academic excellence within the last year. This goes for all academic courses including

  • Art
  • Business
  • CBA
  • Foreign Language
  • IB
  • Math
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Reading
  • ROTC
  • Science
  • Theater
  • UTAP
  • Vocational Arts
  • English

The awards for most improved will go to students who showed academic or behavioral growth from the past year. Underclassmen who participated in any activities or performed extraordinary service will also be receiving an award. This is a night that will showcase the achievements of the underclassman.

The award ceremony will begin at 7:00pm , with the auditorium being open to the mass at 6:00pm.