Aloha Ukulele

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Interested in learning about Ukulele’s? Well Deerfield Beach High students are in luck. Bucks have come together to form the Ukulele Club with the help of fellow DBHS chemistry teacher Mr. Rhine. Students can learn to pluck some strings and make sweet music with the help and guidance of their peers.

The Ukulele is a string instrument that originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete. With a small, guitar shaped body that is fitted with four strings. It is considered a member of the cordophone family. Sound is produced through these instruments by plucking and strumming the strings. The strings in turn vibrate and are amplified by the resonating body. The Ukulele is structured in a similar way as a full sized guitar.

Students who are interested in joining the Ukulele club, there is still time left, see Mr. Rhine in Room 912 for more information.