Exposure To MTL Life

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The Mentor Leaders of Tomorrow is a Club where the members in it are divided into different groups, which are all designed to help student’s succeed. Mantee is one of the five groups the Club offers. Mantee is a group in which all the new members are placed. Roll Model is a group where Freshman with high GPA’s are in, those in it serve as a roll model to all the other Freshman. Mentor in training is another group MTL provides. Mentor in training is when a student advances from Mantee, this group helps train members with the necessary skills needed to help tutor others. Jr Mentors is the next level to being a successful leader, once a student reaches this group it means that they have the training it takes to tutor someone else. Senior Mentor is the last group a MTL will be placed in, this group refers members as being leaders of the Club and more is expected from them such as good behavior, good manners ect…
On April 28 at 6:00 p.m. there was a meeting for both parents and students the meeting was held in the Media Center. This meeting was held to show parents on what goes on in the Club. A Finance Company came as well, the purpose of them coming down was to teach both the parents and students a little bit about the finance world and what its like.