The Final Out

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The playoffs: do or die, the time where players put it all into the game they love. When baseball districts opened up on Monday, April 18th, The Deerfield Beach High School Baseball team traveled to Monarch High School with high hopes of moving on. However, these hopes were quickly destroyed as the Bucks fell to the Knights 3-0. Senior Connor Kelly pitched for Deerfield and gave 6 strong innings with errors that lead to most of Monarchs few runs. The Bucks had little offense to help Kelly, only managing to muster 2 hits.


The past 2015-2016 season had been the most difficult within recent times. With injuries, coaching difficulties, and the passing away of Coach Chris Williams many of the players were relieved the final out has come. Now is the time to focus on next season. Many players will be enlisting themselves in summer leagues and start training for the next season or for college baseball. Deerfield has many young talents that will definitely be a big part of the team’s success for years to come. The only thing they can do now is be more prepared and hope for the best.