Atten Hut!

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Its that time of year again and the Deerfield Beach High School’s Marine Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps will be holding their annual Inspection. The Inspection is used as an assessment of the program, where the regional director of the Marine Corps and Marine recruiters inspect cadets and assure that JROTC members adhered to the skills taught to become productive citizens.


The inspection identifies any deficiencies and opens a window for improvement and typically takes about 30 minutes. There are four parts to the examination; first is personnel inspection, which is held in the gym. The second part is the drill evaluation that is held on the football field. Third is the administration portion & fourth is the records equipment files segment which will be held in the classroom.

The third and fourth segment takes place in the JROTC classroom, which will entail the administration portion and the record equipment files.


JROTC’s Inspection will be on Thursday, April 21st   and visitors are welcome to attend. This is the last year in which the inspection will be held annually, instead it will be held tri-annually.

For more information on the JROTC program and their Inspections, speak to First Sgt. Thomas or Master Gunnery Sgt. Gomez located in the 160 corridor.