A Samaritan’s Reward

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One of Deerfield Beach High School’s best attributes is allowing its academic clubs to showcase their honorary members through different induction ceremonies. One of these clubs, known as Exchange Club, is a program were students can act selflessly to aid and improve many communities along with their own. Therefore on Tuesday, April 19th, members of this club will be awarded for all the hard work and perseverance that has been put into helping citizens.

Dozens of people have benefited from the involvement of these exchange club members. The great amount of community service that has been done and the aid to the underprivileged have given people a chance at a better life. More youths have been mentored, increasing the chances of a better future for people and for the country.

Exchange Club’s Induction Ceremony will take place that Tuesday in the auditorium at 7:00P.M.

For more information on the club, see Ms. Alvarado in room 504.