Connecting With Each Other

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A group of people with racial, religious, and political differences are put aside and come together in Mrs. Delance’s Culture Connection Club. Students of diverse ethnicities can come together to learn not only about different backgrounds, but as well as to help fellow students academically and socially.

Meeting every Thursday and Friday at 2:45pm in Portable 5, fellow Bucks can expect to participate in community service assignments to help them fulfill there graduation requirements, as well as interact and learn about different cultures. Anyone that joins will be eligible to participate in engineering competitions which requires students to work in groups to build roller coasters, bottle rockets, and egg-drop parachutes. ESOL students who join Culture Connection will also be able to take part in district help competitions that require them to take part in skits, public speaking, and other activities.


For more information on the club, see Mrs. Delance in portable 5.