Music Magic

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Before the relaxation of Spring Break, Deerfield Beach High school’s official band participated in their very own special performance. The performance took place on Wednesday, March 16th at Taravella High school’s auditorium. Prior to the performance, band members had to come after school to practice vigorously the day before. Members had to practice musical falsetto and also they had to properly pitch their instruments. The day of the performance all members dressed up and left shortly before school ended to attend their performance.

The performance merely lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. All members of the band attended and did their part to contribute to this special event. The performance was dedicated to the art of classical and new music. The cultural diversity truly showed not only with the band members but also through the music that was played. This also gave a huge statement on how music has had such a powerful impact on the world and more importantly our generation.


For more information on Band performances and other band information, see Mr. Reid in the Band Room.