Juniors SAT Day

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As a result of special funding, The College Board is granting every junior across the county including Deerfield Beach High School, a free attempt at the new revitalized SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). The test will be given to students on Tuesday, April 12th, with students being assigned rooms based on their last name. The names will be posted in the main hallway by the media center.

Starting the month of March, the new revision of the SAT was administered to students. The new SAT is coherently similar to the ACT, with slight differences between the old and the new assessment. The changes include, the scoring system- instead of the maximal score being 2400 it has now been converted to 1600, no penalty for wrong answers, and four answer choices instead of five.

Taking an SAT test will cost the average student $54.50, a price many students cannot afford, however standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are imperative for most colleges. It is highly recommended by guidance counselors and administrators that students considering college take these tests as they connect students with colleges and scholarship opportunities through the SAT Questionnaire and Student Service.

In order to practice for the SAT students may go to Khan Academy or download the New Daily Practice for the new SAT app.

For information on free assistance on the SAT/ACT click the link below…

Free SAT/ACT Assistance for Students

Or visit the junior school counselor.