Winning a Cappie Ain’t too Shabby

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The Critics’ Awards Program, or Cappies, is a non-profit organization that recognizes outstanding achievement in High School Theater. The ceremony is modeled after Broadway’s Tony Awards and recognizes the best in High School Theater. The program judges 42 categories encompassing awards for performers, designers, technicians and critics from 23 public and private schools throughout Broward and Palm Beach County.

Performances are judged by fellow students who are trained in theatre criticism, “critic teams” There are currently fifteen Cappies chapters across the US and Canada. Each is made up of a cluster of high schools ranging in size from ten to sixty schools (public and private schools as well as home school groups). Within each chapter, every participating high school forms a critic team of students and designates at least one of its school shows to be its Cappies show which will be attended and reviewed by the critic teams from other schools in their district. Student critics make nominations from participating schools who attend productions at rival schools and write reviews, which are then edited by theater educators and published on

Deerfield Beach High School’s Cappies Critics team were recently given 3 publications on the website. These three reviews were selected out of over 100 submissions. Students chosen by the website included juniors Cameron Maglio and Maya Quinones, who won a Cappie last year for Best Sophomore Critic. Students who are recognized as Senior Critic, Lead Actor in Play, Lead Actress in a Play, Lead Actor in a Musical and Lead Actress in a Musical will be awarded with a $500 scholarship.

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