Have an “Odd Couple” of Nights

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Deerfield Beach High School’s Thespian Troupe 0955 has decided to put a twist on a classic and make it unique to the troupe. The 1965 play “ The Odd Couple” was created by Neil Simon, and was turned popular by its 1968 film counterpart. The film/play features the life of two male mismatched roommates and their wacky, twisted life. The Thespian Director, Mr. Nash had decided to adapt that idea by using female cast members to replace the male ones and vice versa. The cast will include students, such as: Maya Quinones, Richa Parikh, Cameron Magilio, and Marcel Elkouri.

Rehearsals for this play will take place everyday afterschool, in the auditorium with Mr. Nash, until Wednesday, March 9th. The Drama Troupe will host two performances of play, with the opening night being Friday, March 11th at 7p.m. The second show will take place Saturday, March 12th at 7:00pm.

For more information on upcoming events hosted by Troupe 0955, see Mr. Nash in the Auditorium.