Jumping at the Chance

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Interested in Broward College? BC and Deerfield Beach High School will be hosting the Broward College Jumpstart event Tuesday, February 23rd from 11:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M in the media center. Jumpstart is considered a pep rally spirit day for seniors planning on attending Broward College. The event is a two-stage process that introduces students to college program. The first part of the event consists of the application drive and degree fair, where students can learn about BC’s various degree and certificate programs. Broward College representatives will be on hand to assist DBHS students with registration, application completion, and FAFSA (Financial Aid for Students Application).

Stage two of Jumpstart includes a comprehensive on campus tour of Broward College. Students who complete both stages of Jumpstart are permitted to register for classes before any other incoming freshmen, get their application fees deferred, and earn an exclusive early orientation in April.

Anyone who would like to register can visit dbhsbrace.eventbrite.com, or ask the BRACE advisor, Ms. Davis for further information.