A Couple of Shots

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Calling all Deerfield Beach High School Students! Its time to wash those jerseys and club t-shirts because team and club photos are coming! On Friday, February 19th Spring Sports and Clubs will take their photos in the gymnasium. Passes will be distributed to the coaches and sponsors. From there, their teachers will give the passes to each player/member.

The schedule will be:

Junior Class 7:45-8:00
Wrestling 7:45-8:00
Creative Writer’s Club 8:00-8:20
FCCLA 8:00-8:20
Art/Transformations 8:20-8:40
DECA 8:20-8:40
Key Club 8:40-9:00
Crime Watch 8:40-9:00
Breakfast Club 9:00-9:20
French Club 9:00-9:20
UTAP 9:20-9:40
Sports for Athletes w/ Disabilities 9:20-9:30
Boys’/Girls’ Tennis 9:30-9:40
Spanish/ Multicultural Club 9:40-10:00
Chorus 9:40-10:00
Band (Marching Band) 10:00-10:20
Human Relations Council 10:00-10:20
Band (Orchestra) 10:20-10:40
Boys’ Soccer 10:20-10:40
Girls’ Soccer (JV) 10:40-11:00
Girls’ Soccer (Varsity) 10:40-11:00
Baseball (JV) 11:00-11:20
Baseball (Varsity) 11:00-11:20
Softball (JV) 11:20-11:40
Softball (Varsity) 11:20-11:40
Boys’ Water Polo 11:40-12:00
Girls’ Water Polo 11:40-12:00
Band (Jazz) 12:00-12:15
Band (Concert) 12:00-12:15
SGA 12:15-12:30
Cheerleading (JV) 12:30-12:45
Cheerleading (Varsity) 12:45-1:00
Cheerleading (Competition) 1:00-1:15


Make sure to show up and smile according to when the club/sport meets.