Bucks Stay Alive, Don’t Drink & Drive

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Ms. Rodriguez will be hosting a program called “ Students Against Drunk Driving” known as SADD. This is an organization is empowered to save young teens from making wrong decisions while driving intoxicated with alcohol, behind the wheel. Bucks will cover daily issues that could harm them as well as others either at home or at school. Studies have shown that being under the influence of alcohol causes risks and about 4,358 people under age die each year from car crashes. Other than it being illegal for young teens, DBHS has provided this club to ensure the Bucks safety & avoid misconduct along with deaths and injuries among many. Drinking is a way to stumble behind bars & be in trouble with the law. If interested sign up in student affairs with the sponsor, Ms. Rodriguez. The club will start as soon as more students enroll. Stay tuned for after school announcements as to when the commencing of SADD is confirmed.