Tis the Holiday Season

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Students at Deerfield Beach High School have begun to count down the days until the well needed Winter Break. The break begins on Monday, December 21st and ends January 4th, 2016, the week after midterms. Those two weeks students and teachers can relieve their stress after their exams and start to recover from the first semester. Many people leave town and relish the time they don’t have to wake up before the sun. However Winter Break is meant to give time for the holidays, and outside of Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break is the only extended break of school due to holidays. The school year is littered with one-day breaks and three-day weekends but Thanksgiving and Winter Break are the only ones stretching multiple days. Winter break has a plethora of holidays, which include the end of Hanukkah, Boxing Day, the entire celebration of Kwanzaa and, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These holidays are celebrated by a vast variety of cultures and religions and bring families closer together with some traveling immense distances to make it happen. Though these holidays may be different in the way they are portrayed and celebrated, they all can strengthen families and their values.