Speak Up! Be heard

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Speak Up, an online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow, is an annual survey of K-12 students, teachers, parents, and school administrators about key educational issues. It is now that time of the year for Deerfield Beach High School students to their voices be heard. Students, parents, teachers and staff can take a few minutes out of their day to log on to the surveys website and share their opinion. When on the website, everyone will access the survey through their school name. and all students will be asked for a secret password, which is ‘broward’. However, educators and parents will not be asked for a password.

Each survey contains 15 to 25 questions, with one or two open-ended responses. 60% are legacy questions; carried over from year to year in order to track changes in attitude over time. 40% are created each year in an effort to gain insight into emerging technologies and innovations. The deadline to complete this survey will be December 18, 2015.

To take the survey, click here to follow the link to the website.