Food for Everyone’s Tummy

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Deerfield Beach High School is put together their annual Bucks Diner Wednesday, December 9th during A and B lunch. Students were able to buy a meal in the 140 Corridor. Ms. Mckay’s students in her culinary class worked hard and prepared the food. Bucks could have bought an All-inclusive meal for $10.00, three entrées and three sides for 8.50, or two entrées with two sides for 7.50. The menu consisted of an appetizer salad, three different entrées that could have been chosen, delicious sides and a variety of deserts for anyone with a sweet tooth. The Bucks Diner even offered two refreshments choices: Holiday punch, and Egg Nog. The entrées will include: Chicken cacciatore, skewered Polynesian meatballs, honey-glazed ham, and roasted turkey. The Sides were: corn casserole, mashed potato, cornbread stuffing, yellow rice, collard greens, and cherry cranberry relish. Come out and enjoy a holiday meal prepared by DBHS Students.