Thanks for the Food

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The Academy of Finance hosted Deerfield Beach High School’s annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. The Drive took place from November 16th to November 24th. Sponsored by Mr. Pizzo, the Drive’s main goal was to collect items such as any sort of pasta related items, canned foods, and any other none imperishable foods for those who are in need of food. The Thanksgiving Drive was held the following week after the first ever Vegetable Canned Food Drive, which was meant to collect only canned vegetables. Students were encouraged to bring in cans and support the school and help give to those in need. Students were meant to take their donations either to Mr. Pizzo’s room in 255 or to any of the gift-wrapped boxes that were located in teachers’ room around the school. By doing this, they would receive extra credit points per can. Administration is still tallying up the final count of cans collected from the Drive.