Beach Boys Standing Strong

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This past season, the Deerfield Beach High School Boys Varsity Football team held a record of 9-1, allowing the Beach Boys to make it to the districts playoffs. In honor of the team making it so far, DBHS will host a VIP Pep Rally Friday, November 20th during 7th period. The Pep Rally will take place towards the end of day, to excite and entice the student body to show up and support the football team that same night. The Beach Boys will take on the Flanagan High School Dirty Birds for the Regional Semi Final game November 20th, at 7pm at home in the Butler Stadium.

In the playoff bracket on the road to states, Flanagan is placed 10th overall in the Broward district, while Deerfield is placed 2nd overall. The Beach Boys Record with the Dirty Birds is 8-2 with eight wins and two losses. Students can show their Buck Pride by stepping out to support their team by wearing all black for the Pep Rally.

Click here to see the school schedule for November 20ths Pep Rally. ‎