Educators Of Tomorrow

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Scholarships and future employment is part of what Broward’s teaching curriculum known as Urban Teacher Academy Program (UTAP) can provide. This includes assisting positions by committing in the steps qualified to become ready for life outside of high school. Through December 1st 2015 until February 12th 2016 applications are being accepted as selected students roll through into this program.

Students in the program are given opportunities to be mentored under the leadership of experienced teachers. In exchange, they gain better knowledge and hands-on learning of what it is like being a teacher for Broward County Public Schools. These students will be prepared for what’s next to come once completing a four-year course. The program requires the students to take a class, which teaches them more on becoming better instructors to others, especially young kids. The UTAP program here at Deerfield Beach High School enables its members to visit Tedder Elementary during school hours and assist its kids in learning, all the while gaining experience for themselves. The next visit to the elementary school will be Tuesday, November 24th. For more information on the program, see Ms. Thompson in room 165.