Get Out of 7th Period

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Deerfield Beach High School was proud to host a new canned vegetable drive this year. Different from the schools annual Food Drive, this Drive started October 19th and finished November 13th. Tuesday, November 13th was the last day advisors accepted cans. The collection was split into two groups. The 9th and 10th graders were to bring their goods to Ms. Fletcher in room 512, and 11th and 12th graders to Mrs. Hills in room 161. DBHS goal was to beat the rest of the Broward Schools with a total of 2,500 cans.

In correlation with the food drive, the sponsors provided students with a fun incentive that allows them to get out of 7th period. The winning class that gave the most cans will receive a VIP pep rally with games, music and activities. The pep rally will be held in the gym Friday, November 20th at 1:30pm. To find out when the winning class will be announced, stay tuned to the schools announcements over the intercom.