From Bucks to Panthers

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During College week from October 19th-22nd, schools all across Broward promoted a college-going culture, including Deerfield Beach High School. DBHS proudly welcomed Florida International University on October 20th, for the first on the spot admissions that took place at Deerfield. This was the first time FIU visited the school for on site admissions. Deerfield’s BRACE advisor, Ms. Davis hosted the event as well as many other college visits, and a total of 39 students signed up for the event. The requirements included a completed FIU application, a print out of the students test scores, and a fee waiver for those who were eligible. The event took place during 3rd period, and at the end 14 students received full acceptances to the university. While there some applicants discovered they were eligible to obtain merit scholarships, however, many were deferred in order to raise their test scores. Students who were accepted were given an unofficial acceptance letter, with the official one to be received in the mail. Those who showed up were allowed to take home an FIU t-shirt. Congratulations to all the students who were accepted.