Unpredictable Comedy

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The Auditorium was filled with laughter when the DBHS Improv Troupe took the stage. Thespian troupe 0955 put on their first and second improvaganza performance on Thursday October 8th. The first show took place at 3:00pm in the auditorium, with the following one occurring at 7:00pm. Each show had a fee of $5, and was paid upon entering the front of the auditorium. The troupe brought forth the laughs and excitement within the crowd as the members performed comedic games such as “Scenes from a Hat”, “Hollywood Director”, and “Excuses”. The improv team was consisted of: seniors Joey Melazzi, Sean Fleming, Jacob Adams, Meika-Fey Farqueson, Jacob Reinhart and Juniors Maya Quinones, Timo Nika, Daniel Silberberg, and Shedayne Barrett. The next Thespian performance will take place November 19th. For more information and dates, see Mr. Nash in the auditorium.