ROI for Career & Technical Industry Certification

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Students attending Deerfield Beach High School have the opportunity to earn numerous nationally recognized industry certifications through enrollment in Career Technical Education courses (CTE) offered in our high school. There are a variety of innovative, career focused programs offered, and students can earn a number of nationally recognized industry certifications and become eligible for the Merit Designation on their high school diploma upon graduation. Also if three high school credits are earned in a Technical Program of Study they may be eligible for Florida’s Bright Futures Gold Seal Scholarship. Nationally recognized industry certifications also benefit students to be eligible to receive articulated credits if they pursue a postsecondary education, resulting in cost savings in terms of tuition and fees associated with these credits.

Chapter 214-184 Laws of Florida requires district school boards to notify the parent/guardian of a student earning an industry certification that articulates for postsecondary (technical and state colleges) credits of the estimated cost savings in terms of tuition and fees associated with those credits. We hope this will create an awareness of the potential benefits in pursuing a CTE program of study during the high school experience.

For further information, please contact your student’s guidance counselor. The following links will connect you to Broward County Public School Technical Colleges and our local community college for information regarding articulated credit earned through industry certification: to search for “Credits from Prior Learning” to contact admissions and speak with a counselor.