SMART Capital Program Facility Reports

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To ensure equity among schools regarding Broward County Public Schools SMART initiative, a comprehensive Facility Needs Assessment was conducted Districtwide. The Needs Assessment provided an objective, data-driven overview of the District as a whole, as well as a strategic planning tool for prioritizing the most critical needs facing our schools for safety and security; repairs and renovations; and technology and technology infrastructure.

Learn more about the General Obligation Bond and SMART initiative here.

SMART Capital Program Report Retrieval

You can select the SMART Capital Program Summary or Details Report for DBHS by clicking the links below.

DBHS Summary Report

DBHS Detailed Report

School Choice Enhancements

This is the process by which each school in the District receives an equal amount of funding to support a school based prioritization of an improvement to the condition of an educational space at the school.  As schools have unique programming and instructional needs, this school based process is an effective method for delivering unique educational enhancements to each and every school within Broward County Public Schools.
This process is led by the school in collaboration with parent groups and within guidelines established by the District.  The Facilities and Construction Department will work with each school to develop and execute their project within the allocated budget.  The projects must adhere to the guidelines for capital funding expenditures and as such schools will be provided a menu of options as a resource.  Typical projects could include elementary school playgrounds, renovating a science classroom at a middle school, or renovating a music room at a high school.